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April 2022 – Contribution Rates For Dual Employed PERSI Employees, Schedule A Workshop, Tell Your Employees About The Importance Of myPERSI, Empower Retirement Invites You…

March 2022 – When To Submit Retirement Paperwork, Sick Leave Rate Holiday Extended, Do You Need Help With Your Reports To PERSI?, Schedule Workshop, Empower Retirement Invites You…

February 2022 – Sick Leave Rate Holiday Extended For Schools And State Employers, How Account Consolidation Can Help You Keep It Simple, Empower Retirement Invites You.., Do You Need Help With Your Reports To PERSI?

January 2022 – Fiscal Year 2021 Recap And Update, Tell Your Employees About The Importance of myPERSI

December 2021 – Your Empower Retirement Online Experience Just Got A Makeover, GASB 68 Reports Available, Upcoming Holidays, PERSI Workshops Available Virtually or In-Person

November 2021 – Director Drum Presenting At, How Much Do Your Employees Know About Their PERSI Benefit? Your GASB 68 Net Pension Report is Available! Do You Need Help With Your Reports to PERSI? Share With Your Employees

October 2021 – Tell Your Employees To Get In The Game During National Retirement Security Month, Are You Ready To Make The Next Move Toward Your Financial Future? Attend A PERSI Workshop Virtually or In-Person, Director Drum Wrapping Up Meeting With Leadership, Quick Tips From The Employer Service Center

September 2021 – Director Drum Begins Meeting With Leadership in September, Chief Investment Officer Announces Retirement, Don’t Miss Out This October With Empower Retirement

August 2021 – Reminder: New Legislation Affecting Employers, Annual Statements Mailed, Learn About Your Benefit

July 2021 – Are You Hiring A PERSI Retiree? Make Sure You Submit The Correct Form, Public Safety Employees New Statute & Contribution Rate, Plan For A Better Retirement, Update Concerning PERSI Offices, Register For A Workshop, Current Forms Are Online

June 2021 – 2021 Legislation Affecting PERSI, Register For A Workshop, Plan For A Better Retirement

May 2021 – Do You Know Who Qualifies As An Eight-Month Seasonal Employee? Public Safety Employees: New Statute; Contribution Rate Encourage Your Employees…

April 2021 – How Much Do Your Employees Know About Their PERSI Benefit? Don’t Miss This Opportunity! Securely Send Email To PERSI Current Forms Are Online