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myPERSI – Your myPERSI Account is a secure, safe, and easy to use environment where you can update your personal/contact information, change your direct deposit and tax withholdings, and access your tax documents (1099-R).

Applying for Retirement – If you are ready to retire, contact the PERSI Answer Center for an official estimate, which entails a review of your account to determine your options. The estimate from your annual statement or from a PERSI workshop is not acceptable for this purpose. PERSI requires a Retirement Application Kit in order to retire and start receiving your benefit.

Your PERSI Benefit

The Base Plan is a qualified tax-deferred plan under IRS Code Section 401(a). PERSI provides retirees with a stable lifetime monthly income to supplement their Social Security benefits and personal savings. The actual value of your benefit exceeds your contributions and interest. When you retire, PERSI will pay you every month for as long as you live — and if you select a retirement option with survivor benefits, your Contingent Annuitant (CA) will receive a benefit for their life after your death.


Forms – A list of PERSI forms for Retired Members.

Retiree Newsletters – Current and archived PERSPectives newsletters.

Brochures – View a list of publications with information regarding your benefits and your accounts.

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