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Choice 401(k) Plan: Terminated/Retired Members

No longer employed by a PERSI employer and wondering what to do with your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan money? Good news. You don’t have to withdraw your money when employment ends. You can leave your money in the plan, and Empower Retirement will help you with your Required Minimum Distribution when you turn age 72.

You can

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to consolidate your retirement accounts and possibly save on fees! Rollover pre-tax money from another qualified retirement savings plan or IRA into your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan account. Call Empower’s Retirement Solutions Group at 888-737-4480 for assistance with the rollover process.
  • Take a partial or full withdrawal of your account.
  • Receive periodic payments if your account balance is at least $5,000 and you are age 50 or older.
  • Roll part or all of your account to an eligible retirement plan.
  • Convert part or all of your account to purchase credited service under the PERSI Base Plan at retirement. Call PERSI for more information.

Remember, when your account balance goes to $0, it’s closed. No additional contributions can be made.

If you’re a PERSI retiree and working for a PERSI employer, your access to your Choice 401(k) Plan account will be limited until all employment ends.

Plan Information

Access your account by logging into it via your myPERSI account and linking to your Choice 401(k) Plan account, going directly to the Choice 401(k) Plan website, or by calling Empower Retirement at 866-437-3774.

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