School District and Charter Schools

Retirees Insurance

Idaho Code 33-1228 allows eligible retirees to convert half of their unused sick leave to a sick leave account that is used to pay premiums for “group health, long-term care, vision, prescriptions drug, and dental programs as may be maintained by the employer”. Upon your retirement, your employer will provide PERSI with an accounting of your unused sick leave, and this accounting will be used to calculate the amount of unused sick leave credited to your account.

The coverage options available vary by district, so to determine the current list of insurance options available to you, you will need to contact the HR office at the employer you retired from. Once you decide on which coverage options, you are responsible for contacting the insurance carrier, enrolling in coverage, and instructing the carrier to add your name to the PERSI billing file. If you wish to change insurance plans or cancel your coverage, you must contact the insurance carrier directly. The insurance carrier will then end the deductions from your PERSI account.