Helping Idaho Public Employees Build A Secure Retirement

PERSI Education

PERSI Education

Our presenters are PERSI employees do not advise, sell, or endorse - their only interest is in providing you with high quality education to equip you to make well informed retirement decisions.


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Employers: Schedule a PERSI Workshop for your employees

Self-Guided Education

Choice 401(k) Plan Orientation

Workshops on Retirement

The PERSI Training Department has expanded PERSI Workshop opportunities and is working directly with employers to engage members. Together, we can identify and deliver the Workshops(s) best suited to your staff:

 READY...   New Career  SET?   Mid-Career  GO!   Late Career

Watch the READY Video

(1 hour) For new members
just starting out in PERSI!

Watch the SET Video

(1 hour) For PERSI members in

Watch the GO Video

(1 hour) For PERSI members nearing retirement age!

Please see the schedule on the PERSI website to see when PERSI will be in your county, and get signed up. Then, a PERSI trainer will contact you to make arrangements and accommodate as many employers as we can. We also invite you to contact us with your request (select "Workshops" as the subject to your e-mail).