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Defined Contribution Plan Limits Calculator

  • The Defined Contribution Plan Limits Calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only; and, does not necessarily consider all the possible scenarios.
  • For retirement plan limits, PERSI recommends that members and employers seek independent advice from qualified tax professionals.
  • Also see tax-deferred retirement plan limits
Elective Deferral Limit Section (402(g), 414(v) if applicable)   
    401(k) 403(b) 457
 Contribution Limit
 Contribution Limit
 Contribution Limit
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Maximum Contribution Limit Section (415(c))  
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or the annual salary; whichever is less.

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◊ Gross annual compensation is not always used to calculate includible income under a 403(b) plan. If you did not work the entire calendar year, or if you worked part-time, you may be able to use a longer period to determine includible income. In such cases you will need to consult with a tax advisor to determine how to calculate the annual addition for the 403(b) plan.

◊ This application automatically considers catch-up contributions under section 414(v) for participants age 50 and over. It does not automatically consider catch-up contributions permitted under section 457(b)(3) for 457 participants in the 3 years before retirement, or catch-up contributions permitted under section 402(g)(8) for certain 403(b) participants.
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